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PSU YORK!!! Too much going onI

In the midst of being here and there, I forgot to get a blog in about my visit to PSU YORK. Of all the schools to forget (in my hometown where I grew up, a school that has been ABUNDANTLY supportiveimage over the years) MANY APOLOGIES!

Here could be the main root problem for what had me distracted/forgetting to blog!

IMMEDIATELY after the show I was heading down to NC to play golf for a LONG weekend!!! (Side note – did you know that Justin Timberlake, Kenny G and ALICE COOPER are all very good golfers?)

The gig was rather delightful – THANKS TO DAN PUCCIO for the booking and for the great photos at the show and OVERALL kindness!!! I really enjoyed getting to play this show! It was solo, it’s nice once in a while to play a solo stripped down gig… really be out there by yourself, AND the crowd that hung around after lunch was forwardly and openly appreciative of the music I was playing!

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PSU Lehigh Valley Visit – BRRRR ITOS!

We made a visit to the Lehigh Valley to play our 3rd show in the string of PSU shows at, PSU Lehigh Valley – THROUGH THE SNOW and RAIN! Man… I am SOOOO tired of Winter and can’t wait for Spring’s arrival! All that said… the crew at PSU Lehigh Valley were MORE than accommodating to us in our effort to get in and out without too, too much of the elements soaking us and our gear.

Steph Friday Jones – YOU ARE GREAT!! Thanks for the gig!

Post show food suggesters – YOU ARE GREAT!! Thank for the food recommendations that landed us at a cool little Burrito Joint called the Green Pepper. Yum… Yum… Yum! Here’s a photo of Josh about to dig in… (this photo may frighten some)









Tomorrow we are off to PSU Wilkes Barre and PSU Schuylkill. IF all goes to plan with what’s been going on thus far with this mini tour, I see Perogies and Yuengling in our future considering the geography of where we are headed!

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3rd Stop on PSU Tour – Lehigh Valley

Yesterday we visited the rainy Lehigh Valley. Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to those who stuck around after the pizza and cookies disappeared! (PSU LV should consider entering their students into a pizza/cookie eating contest) The crowd that found us was very welcoming and we greatly enjoyed playing tunes for you.

Stephanie Friday Jones… you are GREAT! Thanks so much for your support in booking this show to be a part of our mini tour.

On another note… that has now become the topic of TWO installments here, FOOD! We had a post show meal before heading home at a little burrito joint called the Green Pepper. As you might remember, part of the PSU tour is a sticker/icon/logo to go with each school that we visit that will adorn the side of my “music van”. After this great little visit to said burrito joint… I thought it ONLY proper to change the logo for PSU LV. (See Below)








Thanks to you GREEN PEPPER for changing our visit to the Lehigh Valley area… we now rank you amongst our favorite attractions in that area. Right up there with Peeps, Dorney Park and the Martin Guitar factory.

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2nd Stop on PSU TOUR

Yesterday marked the second stop for the Spring 2014 PSU Tour w a visit to Penn State Mont Alto in the Chambersburg, Pa. neck of the woods. Thanks so much to our very, very gracious hostess Donna Rhodes – Donna has been a friend to my music for some time and very supportive over the many years I’ve been performing in the college market. AND A BIG THANK YOU TO THE VERY appreciative noon time lunch crowd at Mont Alto’s Mill Cafe!!! Your enthusiasm for our tunes while you ate your chicken nuggets was GREATLY appreciated!

Speaking of food… our visit was highlighted by a lunch on the house from our hostess which included an impressive performance by our very own Kevin Beerman. I was enlightened by his prowess around the college cafeteria. (See Photo Below) Good times Mr. Beerman… you are always good to bring a laugh!








NEXT STOP… PSU Lehigh Valley!

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What I’ve been up to as of late!!!

image A brief little SNIPPIT/PicStich to explain a little bit of what “I’ve been up to”, Moving from left corner to right, on down:

1. Been doing a bit of SONGWRITING on a new guitar, “a wee Baby Taylor”. Weird how new/different instruments bring with then new/different songs. I do love her so… simply a fun, little guitar to play!

2. The “day job” has me exploring new ways to be hands on creative via the use of LARGE STENCILS and Graffiti to make a wall installation used as an acoustic panel to absorb sound. This photo shows the evolution of the project.

3. Working on a Spring 2014 TOUR of PSU Campuses. Each individual campus has a logo/artwork of it’s own that will be placed and adorn the side of my van at the conclusion of each visit! (Eg. of the artwork) The tour will take place throughout Feb – April.

4. Been repurposing beer bottle caps to make magnets featuring different MDRMusic artwork! Simple little process of images made on the computer, printed out to 1″ in diameter, cut out and then sealed under a clear Modge Podge solution… then magnet glued to back and done!

5. BEEN GOOFING OFF – that’s me pretending to ride a large fake bull outside of a restaurant some mates and I visited.

6. Been doing even more repurposing by making candles out of used beer bottles. These were of a few of the ones that were featured and sold at XMAS time.

NOTE:I was not the LONE maker of all of the used beer caps and empty beer bottles you see above – these will however be available for purchase at my shows!

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NEWS Super stoked about tomorrow night’s show for the Dirk Quinn Band (www.dirkquinn.com) at Tellus 360 (one of my favorite places in downtown Lancaster www.tellus360.com). IF you don’t know Dirk Quinn and his music, and you ENJOY the likes of Dave Matthews OR John Scofield AAAAAANNNNNNDDDD enjoy FUSION FUNKYNESS – DIRK is the man YULE LOG – I mean, YOU’LL LOVE!

Doors are 8 PM, with showtime shortly  thereafter. Cover charge is $5. Hopeful to see you at the show and ring in the approaching HOLIDAY with you. A PLENTIFUL DREADNOUGHT BRIGADE will be playing with me (Jason Mundok – Bass, Aaron Gagne – Drums, Kevin Beerman – guitar, Randy Bucksner – Sax)


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PennLive.com listed Rootenanny 2o13 as one of 11 shows to check out in the month of September! Thanks PennLive.com for the props! Be sure to check out the article for yourself.


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Rootenanny 2013 Teaser Video – Smaldorf and Badler meet their larger DOPPELGANGERS!


Watch the above video to see Smaldorf and Badler’s reaction to meeting larger versions of themselves! Hopeful to see you at this year’s Rootenanny on Friday September 27th, 7:30 P @ Tellus 360 in Downtown Lancaster. Visit the Facebook event page @ https://www.facebook.com/events/202176773285060/

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UPDATE to Rootenanny Tix Sales ON LINE

Rootenanny 2013


Since the original announcement of Rootenanny earlier this week, there has been an update to the location on line where tix can be purchased – visit:


ALSO visit Rootenanny within Tellus 360′s homepage at:


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Rootenanny 2013

After some last minute tweaking and bolt tightening, we happily announce this year’s ROOTENANNY – FRIDAY SEPT. 27th, 7:30 PM @ Tellus 360 (24 E. King St. Lancaster, PA). We will be making posts here on the front page of MDRM.com as well as on Facebook as the event approaches. Stay tuned for more info, facts and VIDEOS featuring Badler and Smaldorf! See below for a brief press release for this year’s event. HOPEFUL TO SEE YOU AT ROOTENANNY 2013!!!

Rootenanny 2013 is beyond excited to be teaming up with the NEWLY RENOVATED Tellus 360 to host this year’s event. If you have not visited Tellus 360 (www.tellus360.com – located in downtown Lancaster, next to the convention center) you do not know what you are missing. Tellus 360 is truly a unique one of a kind venue that provides a great match for Rootenanny’s platform!

As is tradition, the Rootenanny is a benefit show to support local “green” efforts. This year a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to benefit LIVE GREEN and B.O.P. – “Bring On Play”. For the third year in a row, Mark DeRose Music and the Peaceful Warriors teamed up in partnership with Mt. Hope Winery and Estate to raise the necessary funds to produce the Rootenanny. Many thanks to Mt. Hope Winery and Estate for their continued support.

This year’s entertainment features The Vinegar Creek ConstituencyMark DeRose & The Dreadnought Brigade, and The Vulcans.

FOR TIX VISIT – http://tellus360.myshopify.com/collections/gatherings/products/rootenanny-feat-vinegar-creek-constituency-mark-derose-the-dreadnought-brigade-vulcans

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